Caribbean Island

Anguilla - Beach heaven 1. Shoal Bay, for example. Sophisticated cuisine at Blanchard's. Set up your own beach club for a day.

Saint Martin - French and Dutch island that has been transformed into a shopping mall. The duty-free shopping is excellent, the atmosphere, glitzy. Isle de Sol is one of the Caribbean's largest yacht marinas. Shop and go.

Saint Barts - Perhaps the world's most fashionable island - a reputation deserved. Gouverneur, Colombier Grand Saline - wonderful beaches off which to anchor. Gustavia is the capital of cool. Cute shops, fun restaurants, chic bars, zazzy clubs - the place to see and be seen. Caribbean Cote d'Azur that goes wild on New Year's Eve.

Saint Kitts - Undulating green and black: The greens of Royal St Kitts golf club, the black sand of the deserted volcanic beaches. Sandy Point reef - like the Grand Canyon underwater. Wonderful, quiet, south-coast anchorages.

Nevis - One of the finest views in the Caribbean - off the Four Seasons Hotel looking back across turquoise water, yellow sand beaches, vibrant green gardens, the smoking volcano crowned by white clouds. By contrast - anyone for golf?
Barbuda - Beach heaven 2. Coco Point, for example. Bolt-blue skies, pink sand, white surf. Stunning.

Antigua - English Harbour - home to the Caribbean's finest fleet of yachts. Great people, good food, classic racing, great atmosphere. 365 beaches. Look for the new Harmony Hall Yacht Club. Climb Shirley Heights on Sunday for calypso at sunset - a wonderful natural high.

Guadeloupe - The butterfly island of contrasts. One 'wing' is rocky, the other sandy. French radical chic. Cousteau National Park is snorkelling nirvana. Le Spy is the cool bar from Paris.

Domenica - Prince Rupert Bay is the place to make for. The Tumbelling Trafalgar waterfalls, massive Edenesque vegatation. Picnic on any of 365 rivers. An island increasingly popular with the cognoscenti.

The Grenadines - One of the finest sailing archipelagos in the world. The luxury of your yacht cruising the most laid-back islands imaginable.

Saint Vincent - Black volcanic sand, lush vegetation. Fabulous fruit markets. Drop in and then sail on.

Bequia - Party island with good restaurants and nightlife. Easy anchorages. Scuba dive off the Devil's Table. A beautiful throwback to early Caribbean traditions.

Mustique - A private island that is the epi-centre of hippy chic. Try Macaroni Beach or Basil's Bar - a shack at the end of a wooden jetty. Everyone goes there. Go, see.

Canouan - A sleepy island transformed by the arrival of the new Donald Trump extravaganza with a golf club, casino, restaurant and bars.

Grenada - The friendliest people in the Caribbean. The markets are more like a party, anchorages are off-the-scale picturesque. La Luna the first resort for Italian style.

Saint Lucia - The most dramatic island in the Caribbean. The massive Piton mountains, rain forests, sweeping sandy bays, deep, dark water, 'jump-up' street parties and the finest Caribbean cuisine restaurant.

Barbados - Arguably the Caribbean's most sophisticated island. A staggering contrast between calm, established, elegant, polished resorts of the west coast and the wild, breathtaking beauty of the east. Famous for the Sandy Lane Hotel and Cliff restaurant.

Tobago Cays - We recently discussed with a highly experienced client, where was his favourite place to sail in the entire world. The answer? Tobago.