Nowhere in the world has as much diversity as the Caribbean. The hundreds of islands that make up the Windwards,  Leewards, Bahamas and Virgin Islands are a cultural miracle. Not even the Mediterranean has this much choice concentrated in such a small area.

Take just one example: hippy, chic, desert-island Anguilla (English culture) next to Hong Kong-style, duty­free shopping in Saint Martin (Dutch and French) next to lush, undulating, ultra-fashionable St Barths (French). All within a few hours of each other.

White, pink or black-sand beaches, volcanoes and rain forests next to sleepy towns, chic harbours and vibrant markets. A mixture of sound, taste, and colour, as intoxicating as the local rum punch.

The enormous cocktail of people, locals and visitors, creates an atmosphere unlike anywhere else. Billionaire yacht owners next to rowing boat fishermen. There are restaurants, shops and nightclubs to rival St Tropez, Porto Cervo and Monte Carlo. Dine, shop and dance in balmy heat and beach style that now combines European quality with Caribbean beauty.

No holiday on earth compares to one that floats on water.

The Bahamas stretches for hundreds of miles from Bimini to the Turks and Caicos. It is a turquoise watercolour masterpiece.

Bimini may only be hours from Miami but it is the start of an archipelago where your yacht is the finest restaurant, beach and nightclub, set in a location that is utterly dazzling. Nassau has a ritzy casino, Eleuthera, the perfect pink sand - choose your scene, choose your island and you will probably have an entire beach to yourself. Swim with the manta rays, dine on the sun deck and survey several shades of aquamarine towards the cobalt blue horizon.